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All the right words at your fingertips

My name is Lyanne, and I’m the storyteller that can bring your brand to life.

Lyanne van der Plank - Freelance Writer

Finding the right words isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.


It’s the difference between customers that skim and customers that stick.


It’s what makes people relate to your product on a personal level and come back for more, every single time.


Good content is the gift that keeps on giving. 

But if you're here, I'm willing to bet you already knew that.

If you're looking for:

✔️ Someone who can write crisp, fun, and playful copy

✔️ A copy editor with a keen eye for details

✔️ Transparency and open communication around the work process

✔️ Someone who is willing to think further about how you can improve your marketing strategy

Then you've come to the right place.



"Lyanne and I worked together for over a year. I was lucky to have her in our team. Her energy, creativity and level of commitment played a central role in our projects. I would certainly work with her again and again."


"Lyanne understood the vision behind our brand quickly and has been very proactive during the months that we worked together. It was easy to trust her with our important assignments and she always managed to deliver on time. 

I would definitely recommend Lyanne's services to anyone looking for help with creating engaging copy!"


“I've worked with Lyanne for many years and it's always been a pleasure. She's highly creative and an incredibly skilled writer, and overall super fun to work with!"

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