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Nita & Friends Jewelry

I wrote this website copy for a client’s jewelry brand. Each piece of jewelry has a unique background that ties into a fantastical, mythical story. 

Below is an excerpt of a product description and a slogan I wrote.

"The moment you clasp our jewelry around your limbs is the moment our story ends and yours begins." 

Our history has been intertwined with mushrooms for thousands of years. Symbolically, they represent groundedness, transcendence, and a glimpse into the unknown. Their kingdoms span far beyond our wildest imaginations – without them, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist. 

Meet Fun Guy: a fungi with a sense of humor. He’s spunky, funky, and has a killer hairdo. His knowing wink speaks to his generational wisdom, and his support in balancing the environment makes him radiate confidence. He’s a great listener and an even better advice-giver. Wearing him around your neck means carrying thousands of years of wisdom and feel-good vibes.

Nita & friends jewelry
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