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The first thing you might be wondering about is my price. I haven't posted it here, and for a good reason! No two projects are the same, and I calculate my rates based on the project's difficulty and the estimated time it will take me.

However, I do have some general rules I stand by:

  • I typically charge on a per-hour basis for short-form content (e.g. web copy and social media posts), editorial work, and translations

  • For blog posts and articles (the longer stuff), I have a per-word rate

If you were wondering what's included in my price, here you go: 

  • Research into your industry and product

  • Basic keyword research for SEO

  • Writing the first draft

  • Up to two sets of revisions

  • One final proofread

Lastly, I am registered for VAT (this is only applicable to you if you're based in the Netherlands, like I am).


What I need from you

Before we start working together, I'll send you a Letter of Agreement that requires a written confirmation of your acceptance of my fee, deadlines, and the scope of the project. 


Project scope & turnaround time

If a project requires a change in scope, please let me know so that I can adjust my price accordingly. In some cases I will need to factor in the added time it will take me to complete the extra work.

I typically have a turnaround time of 2-5 days.


Payment terms

All of my invoices have a payment term of 14 days.


If my invoice remains unpaid, I will pursue recovery through a debt collection service, including any additional costs incurred as a result of doing this. This totally sucks, so let's not go down this road :)

If the project is canceled after the work has started, I will charge you for the work I have already done.

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